About Me

Hey everyone I’m Jorge, I live in the beautiful state of Minnesota where as for right now it’s kinda chilly but not to cold, but it’s winter so it’s ok. As for right now I am still in high school and I actually go back to school tomorrow Monday, i’m excited. After high school, I plan to move to New York to work on my modeling career and other things I want to do, but as for right now modeling is my number one career choice, after all once you get a ceratain age you really can’t model anymore. Now don’t get me wrong I still plan on attending collage, collage is also a number one for me and is something I want to do really bad. I am still not sure how I can balance modeling and collage but I plan on doing both. I am also not sure what I want for a major, maybe law I would love to graduate as a lawyer someday, or maybe even a teacher who knows, but my two major things are theater arts because I love acting and politics, because politics is my number one thing yes I said modeling but It’s actually politics but I take politics way to serious because it’s a serious thing, people depend on you to lead and I don’t feel ready to take such a big role but when I am, then you might see me running for something like, governor, house senate or maybe even president who knows. Anyways anought about school now let me tell you more about me. Well i am completly ackward, different and unique. Family and friends are my number one thing. Growing up I dind’t really have many friends so the ones I have now are just wow, words can’t express how much they mean to me, I love them all so much, more then they will ever know. Anyways some things I enjoy doing is listening to music, taking pictures, watching movies, modeling of course, hanging with friends and so much more just to name a few. My two favorite singers are Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga, they have both had an impact in my life, X-Tina with her music and Gaga with her personality and crazy style. Besides this gossip blog I also have my own photography blog where I post all the pictures I take and I also have my own online magazine and my very own website (It’s being updated). Anyways this is just a little bit about me, and wow I can’t bealive you read all that, Thank You So Much, it means a lot to me, I will talk to you soon, Love -Jorge

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