JAM Gossips

Hey everyone, it’s Jorge, well your probably wondering why I made this celebrity gossip blog, well let me tell you why. The reason I decided to start my own celebrity gossip blog is because I felt that most gossip websites and blogs out there are going along with the medias defination of beauty and also some bloggers are very mean to celebrities and talk shit about them like they had no feelings what so ever. As someone who want’s modeling and acting as a career I would not like it if websites where saying shit about me during difficult times. I also would not like if someone just spred a bunch of lies about me, we all been there and it does not feel good. Now if your wondering how much I am into celebrities let me tell you, I am not even close to being obesses with them, I look at them as normal people with jobs and I usaully just look them up when I am bored except not anymore seems I have a celebrity blog and I need to keep you all updated with your favorite celebs. I should also say that when I visit certain blogs or sites I visit them to see the celebs I like and read about them not to see bloggers or websites calling them names, or trying to destroy their career. So to make this whole thing short I am going to be a nice celebrity blogger, I feel that it’s time to stop bullying celebs because it’s not ok because they are humans too, and also it’s not a good message to people out there. I hope you like my blog, visit it daily and support it, tell your friends and family, Thank You

Love -Jorge


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