Christina Aguilera To Sing The National Anthem At The Super Bowl

I am so excited! my favorite singer Christina Aguilera has been chosen to sing the National Anthem at the super bowl this February 6th. As you all know the Super Bowl is the most watched in the U.S, that many t.v stations don’t even bother to run their everyday programs. I am so happy for Christina, she is one of the few artist today with a real voice. If you never heard her sing well get ready to be blown away. Here is one of Christina’s version of the National Anthem. 

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Britney Spears Reveals New Album Title and Cover

I am so excited for this. Pop singer Britney Spears treated all her fans with a little something today on twitter. Britney Tweeted “This album is for you, my fans, who have always supported me and have stuck by me every step of the way!  I love you all! Sexy and Strong. Dangerous yet mysterious, Cool yet confident! “FEMME FATALE”, March…..” Oh I am so excited, Britney Spears was my first favorite singer ever, I would listen to her music when I was younger all the time and I still do. I can’t wait to get her new album, see her new music video and of course see her on tour. By the way Britney I love your CD’s cover and tittle is really catchy, sexy but yet mysterious, keep up the good work girl, love ya.


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Emma Watson Says She’s A Rubbish Girlfriend

Oh Emma, I am sure you have all the guys at Brown all over you. One of my favorite actress of all time, Emma Watson has said that she would make a rubbish girlfriend. Emma quoted “It’s rubbish being my boyfriend. People are constantly coming up to me, I’m always working,” and if you where wondering if she was still single then hear this “I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. It feels good, actually. It’s nice to be selfish.” Emma also said this about her relationship privacy “I’m never going to confirm or deny who I am dating, but if they keep doing it, the tally will get so high – not very Hermione,”. Can I just say that I have always had a crush on Emma Watson? no joke I really do, and I would love to work with her someday on either acting or modeling, maybe even in designing who knows but I Love her.

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Paris and Britney Hang Together Again

Yes the two once former party girls have hang out together again. According to reports Britney Spears and Paris Hilton where unexpectedly reunited on Thursday, when they both turned up as guest at a Hollywood dinner party. The two posed for the cameras and talked a little and eyewitness said “Britney was shy with most of the people there, but she and Paris hugged and talked for a while.” I am glad to see that Britney is doing good, I’m excited for her new album coming out soon and I am also glad to see that Paris is doing good, there both great, beautiful girls.

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Gwen Stefani Spends Mommy Time With Zuma

This so cute, one of my favorite singers Gwen Stefani was spotted spending some mommy time with her 2-year-old son Zuma on January 6th at a local park. As you can see in the pictures they had a great time together and did not let the paparazzi get on their way. This is one of the reasons I love Gwen so much, she is a great mom. Everytime I look Gwen up it’s all about her spending time with her two sons and this is what mothers should do and put family first. I love Gwen, keep up the good work girl and I am so excited for the new No Doubt album to come out soon, it’s going to be good.

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The 50 Most Popular Women On The Web Are

50: Eva Longoria

49: Scarlett Johansson

48: Carmen Electra

47: Tina Fey

46: Adriana Lima

45: Lily Allen

44: Sarah Jessica Parker

43: Kelly Clarkson

42: Carrie Underwood

41: Amy Winehouse

40: Vanessa Hudgens

39: Katy Price

38: Ashley Tisdale

37: Hilary Duff

36: Marilyn Monroe

35: Heidi Montag

34: Demi Moore

33: Jennifer Aniston

32: Hillary Clinton

31: Ciara

30: Kristen Stewart

29: Betty White

28: Pamela Anderson

27: Fergie

26: Jessica Alba

25: Christina Aguilera

24: Sandra Bullock

23: Kim Kardashian

22: Katy Perry

21: Michelle Obama

20: Lindsay Lohan

19: Jessica Simpson

18: Sarah Palin

17: Mariah Carey

16: Jennifer Lopez

15: Megan Cox

14: Oprah Winfrey

13: Angelina Jolie

12: Taylor Swift

11: Shakira

10: Avril Lavigne

9: Paris Hilton

8: Miley Cyrus

7: Justin Bieber

6: Britney Spears

5: Rihanna

4: Beyonce

3: Madonna

2: Ke$ha

1: Lady Gaga

CEOD magazine put together a list of the 50 most popular women on the web which was based on google searches and statics. I have to say all of those women are very beautiful, and yet very famous, I love them all. But hold on, why is Justin Bieber on the list? do you see it? his number 7. Ok I don’t get the joke, lets start off with Justin being a teenage guy who probably gets crap like this all the time and it’s not funny at all, and also CEOD magazine that joke is old so next time come up with a better one and stop picking on 16-year-old guys, I think Selena Gomez was supposed to be number 7 but they wanted some attention which they got, what do you think about this?

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Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas To Duet

I am excited, a rumor is going around saying that once boyfriend and girlfriend Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus are getting back together, no not for a date or anything like that but to make music. Well Shakur Green who has worked with the Disney diva Miley Cyrus has said that the two where heading to the studio to make a duet together, BUT the representatives of Miley have said that the rumor is NOT true to the duet with Nick. Oh well maybe some other time, and who knows maybe there gonna surprise us all soon with a duet, you never know what these stars are up to these days. Would you like to see Miley and Nick duet?

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